Massive Snow Fort Attracts Admirers in Canton

A giant snow fort is attracting admirers to a home in Canton.

The colossal structure now spans several properties on Gildersleeve Avenue, and if there were a king of the snow forts, Brian Demski might be the winner.

“Once you’re out here, you get used to the cold and I get building with the blocks, it just brings me back to being a little kid, and I think we’ve all forgotten how to be a little kid. We’re tied up with social media, work and bills,” said Demski.

He explained that the grand fort started with humble beginnings as a practical way to keep snow on the property from falling back into the street.

But now his motivation is the admiration from adults to kids who stop by to get a look.

“If you could have had a picture of that kid’s eyes and the smile on his face, that was worth doing it right there,” said Demski.

Demski said the fort has taken four days, about 35 hours, and countless blocks of snow to build.
He might be one of the few Connecticut residents in favor of more winter weather.

“As long as people showing up and giving me thumbs up, liking it on the computer, I’m just going to keep building it down the street,” said Demski.

He said the wind has not been good for building, as it dries out the snow and makes it hard to pack and stack blocks.

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