Mayor Addresses Shooting Violence in New Haven

Ron Codianni doesn't live far from 1378 Quinnipiac Avenue, where police say three men were shot Monday night.

Codianni says it's a Housing Authority address that has seen a lot of crime, according to documents he obtained from the City of New Haven and other sources.

“That house is actually if you go See Click Fix dot com, that house is mentioned for the past four years since 2010 as numerous, numerous drug transactions,” said Codianni.

He says it's gotten so bad, he's installed surveillance cameras outside his home.

“Outside my home, I have a 360 view of the property. Just with the drug transactions, the violence that has been going on. We've had home invasions on our property with residents. We've had robberies on our property,” said Codianni.

Codianni wants the city to do something about it. Mayor Toni Harp said the city is pulling all its resources to investigate the latest acts of violence in New Haven. There have been six shootings in nine days. So far, police haven't announced any arrests.

“We're working on it, we're trying to get to the bottom of it, and we expect if we work together, we can get curtail it,” said Mayor Toni Harp.

New Haven police are still investigating all the shootings, and Mayor Harp said they're looking for any connections. She also says the city is going to start a new round of Project Longevity, which is a program that targets repeat offenders.

“We're hopeful that that will have some impact on those who we know are affiliated with gangs because that really is a problem that is trying to stop the shooting and really particularly the gang-related shooting,” said Mayor Harp.

She also says that the city will continue its Youth Stat weekly meetings and activities for New Haven’s young people to help with youth violence.

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