Mayor Boughton Tweets His Way Through Snowmageddon


If Twitter had a mayor, like Foursquare does, it would no doubt go to Newark Mayor Corey Booker for incessant #snowpocalypse tweets.

So, that might make Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton the deputy mayor of Twitterdom.

Time Magazine gave Boughton a shout out.

“(W)hile he didn't replicate Booker's almost insanely relentless tweeting, he did post news alerts about the storm on his Twitter account, and dispatched a plow to one street after a resident sent him a direct message about the excess snow,” Time reports.

Boughton started the snow storm tweets with “Snowmageddon coming at you,”  to snow emergencies and he continued alerting residents to City Hall’s hours.

One resident asked, “@MayorMark Mr. Boughton why can't ppl take off from work if they can't get out of their drive ways?? What if the roads are dangerous to drive on?”

Boughton responded: @Taylorg522 I have to believe that your employer will understand if you are late due to weather.

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