Mayor Wants to Delay Deposition During His Campaign


Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton wants to delay testifying in a federal lawsuit over an immigration raid while he runs for lieutenant governor and the attorneys suing him are criticizing him.

Day laborers, known as the Danbury 11, were arrested in Danbury in 2006 and turned over to immigration agents, the Danbury News-Times reports. They filed a civil suit against the city, claiming that they were victims of racial profiling and that local police don't have the authority to enforce federal immigration law, the News-Times reports.

Now, attorneys say they have testimony that contradicts Boughton's claim that the raid was a federal operation not ordered by the city, which did not have immigration enforcement authority.

But Boughton denied witnesses had contradicted him, saying the other side was twisting statements and taking them out of context.

He said federal agents made the arrests and they stemmed from the plaintiffs' own admissions that they were in the country illegally.

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