Meet the Yard Goats' Home Opener Ball Kid Fighting Leukemia

Yard Goats' home opener was special for one little girl from Somers.

Ten-year-old Genevieve Neiman was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in June 2016. The cancer depletes white blood cells and causes Genevieve to have a tough time fighting off infections.

"I don’t really get to do a lot because there’s a lot of germs everywhere so I have to be careful where I’m going," said Genevieve.

For the Yard Goats' first home game, Genevieve has been named the Yard Goats' ball kid.

Just like the players, she’ll be center stage with them helping them in the dugout. She will even throw out a pitch before the game.

"It will be a once in a lifetime chance to do it," said Genevieve.

It’s all part of a program by Connecticut Children’s Medical Center where children at the hospital can get the chance to be a ball kid for some of the home games.

"They are immersed in the game, they are a member of that Yardgoats team and I got to tell you those ball players do a tremendous job making them a part of the team," said director of communications for Connecticut Children’s, Monica Buchanan.

That’s exactly how the team made Genevieve feel while she was at the hospital. Players visited her at Connecticut Children’s when she was first admitted in June.

What’s also special about being the ball kid tonight is this week she completed 10 months of high dosage chemo treatments.

Instead of going to the hospital at least once a week, she now just has to go once a month for maintenance chemo, which is little easier for her body.

“It’s just a huge relief and celebration and time for us to be happy and share it with the world,” said Meredith Neiman, Genevieve’s mother.

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