Rocky Hill

Meet Unified Sports Special Olympics Athlete Jordan Glover

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The Unified Sports Special Olympics has a mission of creating a culture of acceptance and inclusion. Jordan Glover is one of the hundreds of athletes benefiting from the group's mission.

The undefeated wrestler has Down syndrome and has a knack for winning both on and off the mat. He's known for putting opponents on their backs, and he likes to consider the mat as his second home.

Jordan has a lot of perseverance, strength and an unmatched energy that easily spreads to those close to him.

"He's like one of the greatest students that we have in this school," said Christopher Bachand, head coach for the Unified Sports Team. "He's been more like a role model for a lot of the younger kids."

Unified Sports Special Olympics provides students like Glover the chance to participate in sports and the organization prides itself on inclusion.

"This is a program that allows every kid to play and enjoy sports and connect in different ways," said Bachand.

The wrestler stays busy by playing sports year-round.

"Baseball, wrestling, soccer, kickball," Glover listed. "I like to play them all the time."

Paul Myers, head coach for the Rocky Hill High School wrestling team, says he's still in awe of Jordan's perseverance and strength.

“The word amazing and ability those are two words that I would use to describe Jordan," said Myers. "He has one disability but he has many, many abilities."

Jordan is set to graduate high school in June and plans to still help out the team when he graduates.

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