Meet Your Candidates in Middletown's Mayoral Race

Democrat Ben Florshiem will take on Republican Sebastian Giuliano in the Middletown mayor's race.

The two candidates for Middletown Mayor have very different backgrounds.

Ben Florshiem became the Democratic candidate Tuesday night. He's 27 years old.

"Something new,” said voter Roxanne Betty. “Thinking that he's young, maybe he's thinking ‘I have to prove myself. I got to show them what can be done."’

Sebastian Giuliano, the Republican candidate, has held public office in Middletown for more than a decade.

“I would be voting for somebody that has more experience," said Middletown voter Helga Mazzei.

Florshiem grew up in the Midwest. When he was entering Wesleyan as a freshman, Giuliano was finishing up his third term as Middletown mayor.

"I think we want to see what I was able to see about nine years ago when I first moved here, which is, this is a place worth fighting for, it's worth investing in, and worth staying?” said Florsheim.

NBC Connecticut made multiple attempts to talk to Giuliano Thursday, but he wasn't available. We did talk to Giuliano’s campaign manager who says he plans to lower taxes.

Florshiem says he wants to make improvements.

“There are a number of assets that we just aren't capitalizing on the way we ought to be," he said.

One thing the candidates can agree on is the riverfront has potential for development.

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