Meeting Planned on Plainville Crematorium

A former funeral director wants to build a crematorium in the second bay from the left of an industrial building in Plainville and they are hoping for Planning and Zoning Commission approval. 

Last winter, she applied to do it in an old factory off Whiting Street, but the woman who lives near it objected and gathered signatures against it. 

But the former funeral director then switched sites, to another woman's dismay. 

“Now the factory stays empty behind my house," laughed Margaret Olsen. "But the fact of a crematorium itself doesn't bother me." 

Others, however, oppose putting a crematorium anywhere near the air they breathe. 

Kyle Carrillo said she was going to the Tuesday night hearing on the proposal. 

"People have those breast implants, the knee - listen, they don't take that off of the body, they burn it, so all the chemicals are going up in the air, and they're going and they're coming down," she said. 

Daryl Alatsatianos countered that the crematorium was nothing to worry about. 

It's just that people are scared that maybe there'll be a smell or ashes in the air or stuff like that. But I think it's a good idea. It's a very popular thing to be cremated these days," she said.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this story stated Bailey Funeral Home wanted to build the crematorium but NBC Connecticut has learned that it's a former funeral director with Baily Funeral Home that wants to build

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