Men Shoplifted from Adult Store in Newington

Three men in their late teens or early 20s shoplifted from an adult store in Newington earlier this month and police are searching for them.

Police responded to Utopia Intimate Secrets, at 2221 Berlin Turnpike, in Newington around 8 p.m. on Nov. 17 to investigate a larceny and learned that the three teens or young men stole nearly $500 worth of items.

The clerk said one of the males distracted her by asking for help toward the back of the store while the others stole the items and quickly left.

The male the clerk was helping then left without buying anything and a customer in the parking lot as the shoplifters were leaving reported the shoplifting to the clerk, police said.

The customer reported the three shoplifters left in a newer blue BMW.

Included in this press release are images of the suspects captured on store surveillance cameras. Anyone with information regarding this investigation is encouraged to contact Officer Petoskey at (860) 594-6224.

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