Thea Digiammerino

Meriden Artist Decorates City With Murals

If you take a trip to downtown Meriden, you might be mesmerized by the new murals.

Animated characters and vibrant colors fill Barristers Court in the heart of downtown.

Eddie Rivera is the mastermind behind the brush. He’s utilizing his artistic ability to create unique murals throughout the town.

River’s first mural includes a large pink octopus with detailed eyes and water plants.

“A couple years back I did a mural in the back of our barbershop,” said Rivera. “Everybody liked it and it got a lot of attention.”

The attention and new-found spotlight created another opportunity for the life-long artist.

Rivera raised funds for a new mural with the help of a GoFundMe page. In his second mural, Rivera recreated Alice in Wonderland.

“A lot of my inspiration comes from the joy on kids faces, that’s what it’s all about,” said Rivera. “It lets kids know that they can accomplish whatever they put their minds to.”

On the side of Tina’s Downtown Coffee Shop, there is an array of different colors protruding from the patterned bricks.

Rivera plans to get together with other artist to continue beautifying separate buildings.

“As an artist, I appreciate exciting colors that entice the eyes,” said Rivera.

Evelyn Nieves is one of the spectators mesmerized by the gigantic canvas.

“It takes me back to the past when I was a little girl,” said Nieves. “These are the movies and things I use to watch.”

Nieves brought her granddaughter to enjoy the beautiful pieces.

“The colors are beautiful, they’re gorgeous,” said Nieves. “My granddaughter loves it and enjoys looking at the different characters.”

In the future, Rivera plans to create more murals for the town.

“The city does want it to happen,” said Rivera. “We’re all talking and trying to figure out ways to raise the money to do more murals.”

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