Alleged Meriden Cop Nepotism, Brutality Investigated: Report

The Meriden police chief and two of his officers are at odds over whether the department mishandled internal affairs. Now the city is getting involved.

City Manager Lawrence Kendzior will look into a formal complaint against Police Chief Jeffry Cossette and other police supervisors, according to the Meriden Record Journal.

Officers Brian Sullivan and Donald Huston filed a complaint that accuses Cossette and other department supervisors of nepotism and helping to cover up various cases of excessive force and other misconduct by Cossette, who is the chief's son.

The Record-Journal obtained police video showing Evan Cossette and a handcuffed prisoner in a holding cell at the police department.


Sullivan and Huston claim Evan Cossette used excessive force that bordered on police brutality and  the incidents were not handled the same way they would have been for another officer.

Chief Cossette told the Record-Journal that Sullivan and Huston are looking to “discredit him in retaliation for discipline they recently received.”

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