Meriden Dance Studio Offers Free Lessons


At the Meriden Dance Center, young women are learning to make art out of movement.

"It's just such a wonderful outlet for people for children.  It's artistic it's using your body, energy," said owner and teacher Laura Krueger.

Krueger has taught dance here for 17 years.  Her studio offers classes in hip-hop, modern dance, tap, jazz, lyrical and a particular brand of ballet called Ceccheti.

Cecchetti is an Italian style ballet developed by Enrico Cecchetti back in the late 1800's and it's progressed through the years,” said Krueger.

"It's fit to your body so in other dance studios you have to put it a certain way so if I'm smaller than everyone else.  So, if I'm here I'm good,” said student, Chantel Martin.

Cecchetti is regarded as an ergonomically correct form of ballet.

"We are very particular about our girls posture and alignment.  Everything is tailored to the individual dancer,” said Krueger.

Krueger says as a result there are less injuries and more time to dedicate to dancing.

"I started when I was 5 years old with Miss Laura.  I remember it was in a Friday class and my  mom asked me the next day if I wanted to do it again and I was like 'oh yea, most definitely',” said student, Alex Ieraci.

This studio wants to spread that enthusiasm by opening its doors to the public for a free week of lessons in honor of National Dance Week April 23rd-May 2nd.

"Anyone can come from age 3 to adult and take any type of class that they like," said Krueger.

Perhaps, a future ballerina will be born.

"I love it.  It's like a stress burner for me because I just come here I know everyone's going to be her make me happy just dance learn something,” said Ieraci.


Class Schedule:

Tuesday 4/27:

5:30-6:00-  Pointe (age 14+)

6:00-6:45- Tap (age 14+)

6:45-7:30- Jazz (age 14+)

7:30-8:30- Hip Hop (age 14+)

8:30-9:30- Hip Hop (14+ advanced)

Wednesday 4/28:

4:30-5:30- Ballet (age 9-11)

5:30-6:15- Tap (age 9-11)

6:15-7:00- Jazz (age 9-11)

7:00-7:45- Hip Hop (age 9-11)

7:45-8:30- Acrobatics (age 8+)

Thursday 4/29:

4:30-5:00- Ballet (age 7-9)

5:00-5:30- Tap (age 7-9)

5:30-6:15- Hip Hop (age 7-9)

6:15-7:00- Lyrical (age 11+)

7:00-7:45- Modern (age 14+)

 Friday 4/30:

4:30-5:15- Ballet (age 3-6)

5:15-6:00- Tap (age 3-6)

6:00-6:30- Jazz (age 3-6)

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