Meriden Police Say More Children Are Sharing Child Pornography

Parents are being asked to speak with their children about the consequences.

meriden police cruiser

Police in Meriden are sending a warning to parents after seeing an increase in children creating and sharing sexually explicit photos and videos. They said children are using the material to harass or bully others and ask parents to speak to their children to stop what is happening.

Meriden Police said they take possession of child pornography, even by a child, very seriously. 

Police are asking parents to speak to their children about the risks and possible consequences, including embarrassment if those images or videos are shown to family and friends; about bullying and harassment from peers; the long-term consequences if the content follows them for a long time, such as the impact on college admission and job prospects; as well as trouble with police because children who send intimate images can be arrested and charged with a crime, especially if they are caught sharing explicit images or videos of other children.

Meriden police urge parents to talk to their children about technology and how they are using it; to set ground rules and consequences; to learn about parental control settings and software; and to be aware of whom your child is communicating with and discuss the importance of privacy and not sharing passwords, personal information or intimate images and videos, even with friends.

More resources are available online through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

To report tips for violent crimes, email the Major Crimes Unit or call 203-630-6253

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