Meriden Residents Warned About Fake Delivery Tags Left on Homes

Someone has been going door-to-door in Meriden and leaving behind fake, yet legitimate looking delivery tags, police said. 

The tags say “Final Attempt” and have a phone number at the bottom to schedule a delivery, but police said these stickers left on the front doors of homes appear to be part of scheme going around in Meriden and other parts of the state.

“I had assumed we had missed a delivery, but it said 'final attempt,' but we got no first or second,” Alison Canney of Meriden, said.

Police reported receiving a flood of complaints about the tags and officers said they could be a trick to get personal information or sell services by getting people to call the printed phone number.

“That’s pretty scary someone would come to my door and do that,” Canney said.

When NBC Connecticut called the number on the tag, the person who answered said he or she was with Solid Distribution Center and that a manager would call us back. 

“Now we’re seeing a lot of people getting packages at their door, so naturally this is a time scammers will hit your door with that sticker,” Lora Rae Anderson, the director of communications for the state Department of Consumer Protection, said.

The Department of Consumer Protection said the first red flag is that the stickers in Meriden were not marked with a delivery company, such as UPS or FedEx. The tag should also include a known website and a tracking number given during purchase, the agency said. 

“They just want to get you on the phone so they can ask you for your hard-earned dollars and cents unfortunately,” Anderson said.

Police said residents should not call the number on the tag.

If you want to a file a state consumer complaint, contact the Department of Consumer Protection by calling (860) 713-6100 or (800) 842-2649 or email.

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