Meriden Teacher Uses Hidden Talent to Put on 2020 School Talent Show

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For weeks we've been seeing examples of people getting creative to pull together landmark events like graduations and birthday parties in the midst of major disruption from the coronavirus.

And the same can be said for an elementary school talent show, thanks to the hidden talent of a new teacher.

Like cash in Kolby Ryerson's drawer, the coronavirus made the Hanover Elementary 2020 Live Talent Show in Meriden disappear.

It was just one in a string of disappointments for a group of fifth graders who waited their turn.

"When you went in the years past, is it something that you wanted to do yourself when you got into fifth grade?" NBC Connecticut's Ted Koppy asked Ryerson. "Yeah," Ryerson replied.

"I was really disappointed because I was really looking forward to it, but now that we actually had a chance to do it, I was really excited," said Bella Farina, of Meriden.

Farina is a dancer.

The show did go on, like so many other things these days, at home.

"I just thought, 'what else are these kids going to miss out on?" said Chad Busath.

Busath is the Hanover Elementary School music teacher, but this is his second career.

"I thought, you know, we got to get the talent show in there, too. And since I have a little bit of a background in video editing, I might be able to make that happen for them," Busath said.

By a "little bit of background in video editing," Busath means a 15 year career in production, which he put to use to save the school talent show.

He produced a 30 minute special, which is a collection of 12 performances, that are as much a celebration of finishing elementary school as they are pure performance.

"Fifth graders, it's our last year in elementary school so we should get a chance to actually celebrate and stuff," Farina added.

So the video editor turned music teacher stepped in, just in time for these Hanover kids to step onto the virtual stage.

If you'd like to see more of the Hanover fifth grade virtual talent show, click here.

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