Mother Defends Meriden Stabbing Victim

Valda Felton says her son's name is being dragged through the mud

The mother of a Meriden teen killed in a deadly stabbing is defending her son.

On Wednesday, police said Deandre Felton, 15, and DeShawn Jones, 13, were high on drugs when they jumped a man on Kensington Avenue last month. That man then stabbed the teens, killing Felton and injuring Jones.

"I just don't believe it. My son was not raised to be a troublemaker," said Valda Felton. "I don't want them or anyone else to make my child out to be a villain."

Meriden Police said the teens were at Westfield Mall before the attack and allegedly admitted they were high on drugs and wanted to look for trouble and beat someone up.

Police said Felton and Jones then jumped a man from behind, and he stabbed the teens with a pocket knife. That man is cooperating with police and, according to officers, was visibly upset when he was told that Felton died.

Felton's mother thinks her son's killer should be held accountable.

"At what point does anyone have a right to take anyone's life, it was not deserved," she said. "I just want to see him pay for what he's done."

The Office of the New Haven State’s Attorney is reviewing the case and will determine what criminal charges might be filed. 

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