Meteorologist Bob Maxon Celebrates 20th Anniversary With NBC Connecticut

First Alert meteorologist Bob Maxon is celebrating his 20th anniversary with NBC Connecticut today!

Maxon came to our West Hartford station about eight years into his career in meteorology from WMUR TV in Manchester, New Hampshire. There was an opening for a morning meteorologist after the departure of Julie Bologna. Maxon applied and said "it was natural to move on and up" in his career.

"I thrive on the daily challenge of forecasting in the Northeastern U.S. and New England," Maxon said. I love working in the morning. Being part of thousands of people's morning routine makes the 2 a.m. alarm clock totally bearable."

A lot has happened in 20 years for Maxon.

"Time flies when you are having fun!" Maxon said. "I've gotten married, raised a family, and watch NBC Connecticut grow and become a great place to work. I'm blessed in so many ways with how my life and career has worked out."

When it comes to the weather department, Maxon said it's not hard to pick out highlights.

"Storms! October 2011 stands out as a huge impact, rare, and well-forecasted event," Maxon said. 

He said that he and Ryan Hanrahan "were in disbelief when we analyzed the computer models the Friday before the storm and realized what a big deal it could become!"

"It nailed us and many were without power for more than a week," Maxon said. "Sandy and Irene were different beasts all together, as there was a real fear for the worse, for many Connecticut residents. Going to battle with Mother Nature from late October to late March is what I love the most. Snow? Bring it on!"

Snow is no stranger to Maxon. He grew up on the southeast short of Lake Ontario in upstate New York.

"Oswego is one of the great snow cities in America," Maxon said. "Lake effect snow can produce 2 to 3 feet of snow overnight. I was hooked at a young age!"

Maxon graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor of science degree in agronomy and atmospheric sciences in 1987.

As a weather forecaster, Maxon naturally has a love of "being out in it." He enjoys hiking and just climbed Mount Washington last summer. Skiing and golfing are other passions of his in his free time, as well as walking his two dogs.

After coaching soccer for several years, Maxon has chosen to watch from a different vantage point from the sidelines with the other parents.

"Love spending a ton of time with family as my kids are growing up too fast and I realize that they won’t be around my wife and I forever," Maxon said. "Parenting make forecasting the weather seem easy!!"

Now that he's hit this milestone, what are his future plans?

"Sleep," he said.

Until the alarm goes off at 2 a.m. that is for his morning shift. You can watch Maxon's First Alert forecasts on weekdays from 4:30 to 7 a.m.

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