Metro-North Adds Train Service to New Haven Line


Starting Sunday, if you're taking a Metro-North train, the schedule may have changed. That's because more trains are being added to the New Haven line.

The railroad is adding 40 trains, with a total of 246 weekday trains.

Four more peak trains will also be added to the New Canaan Branch, going directly to Grand Central Terminal with "one-seat" rides. These trains will run during the AM peak. In addition, three trains will return from Grand Central Terminal to New Canaan in the PM rush, Metro-North announced.

Additional trains will also be added to the Hudson and Harlem lines, according to Metro-North. An additional 25 trains will run on the Hudson line and 37 more trains will run on the Harlem line, with 142 and 189 weekday trains, respectively.

This month's added train service is an even bigger increase than we just saw in June.

The railroad is reminding everyone that face masks are required for passengers on all trains, inside stations, and in Grand Central Terminal, regardless of vaccination status. If you do not have a mask, you can ask a station ambassador, ticket agent, or conductor for one.

For more information on Metro-North's train service changes, visit their website here.

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