Metro North to Address Train Issues With Heat

Many were stuck on the trains with no water or air conditioning.

When temperatures are in the triple digits, the last place you’d want to be stuck is on a train with no air conditioning.

For some commuters in Westport, it was a complete nightmare on Friday night when three trains became stalled in Westport and many more were delayed because problems with the overhead lines expanding in the heat. 

That’s why Metro North officials will sit down with emergency responders this week to figure out ways to improve communication.

Westport police received numerous 911 calls from people who were stuck on the trains for more than two hours near the Green's Farms station without water or air conditioning.

Emergency crews point the finger at Metro North dispatchers and said they initially indicated that one of the trains was not carrying passengers.

Metro-North President Howard Permut told the Greenwich Time that railroad officials will meet this week with the emergency responders to determine what can be done to improve communication.

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