Stuck Bridge to Delay Metro-North Trains Through Thursday Morning

Mechanical problems with a 111-year-old bridge in Stratford, Connecticut, will likely delay Metro-North traffic through Thursday morning rush-hour, according to a spokesperson for the railroad.

The Devon Movable Bridge malfunctioned Wednesday, delaying New Haven Line trains from New York City to Connecticut in the morning and again in the evening.

The bridge between Stratford and Milford carries trains on the New Haven line, Waterbury branch, Amtrak and Shore Line East over the Housatonic River.

Two drawbridge spans open vertically to allow marine traffic to pass. The northern span opened for a scheduled test at about 1 a.m. Wednesday and could not be closed.

Officials with the Metropolitan Transit Authority have shut down two of the four tracks carrying trains over the river.

The state Department of Transportation has issued an emergency declaration allowing workers to expedite the repair process, but railroad authorities said they have no indication as to when the bridge will be functioning normally.

The Department of Transportation said the Devon, Norwalk and two other bridges are set to be replaced.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a vocal proponent of Metro-North infrastructure and safety improvements, said in a statement Wednesday afternoon "the failure of the Devon bridge is yet another indication of the dire need for investment in our nation’s crumbling transportation infrastructure."

Blumenthal accused Congress of failing to "provide adequate and appropriate funding to states like Connecticut to address these urgent needs."

More information is available on the Metro-North website.

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