Metro-North Warns of Possible Delays and Crowded Conditions

Metro-North riders are able to commute by train on Monday , but the MTA is warning to expect some delays and crowded conditions.

Service was largely restored on Sunday after the storm and Metro-North is operating on a regular weekday schedule, but some trains might be canceled, while others are combined trains, and customers might experience delays and crowded conditions, MTA warned on Monday morning.

Commuters in Connecticut on Monday morning did not seem too concerned and said they are taking the train because they had no other choice. They are, however, concerned about the conditions they will encounter in New York.

" I’m not concerned about the ride at all.  It’s simply walking and what’s the condition of the sidewalks," Cheryl Raab, of Hamden, said.

Amtrak is running on a modified schedule and some trains have been canceled or rescheduled.

Acela Express, Northeast Regional and other services between Boston and Washington D.C., and Keystone Service, between Harrisburg, Pa., and New York, will operate on a modified schedule today.

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