Metro-North's President to Step Down

After a tumultuous year a shakeup is coming at Metro-North.
Howard Permut, the president of the railroad, has announced his retirement. 
"At least they've taken it seriously enough to do something or give the appearance that they're doing something," said Rep. Gail Lavielle. 
Lavielle is a longtime critic of Metro-North and has advocated for more oversight.
Two derailments, including one in Bridgeport, a deadly accident in West Haven involving a track worker and a major power failure have now driven Metro-North's president to step down.
"This was the year that hell broke loose," said Lavielle. "Things were not good before that but this year it's as though things have deteriorated beyond repair."
Rep. Lavielle wants the State of Connecticut to have much more oversight since it paid Metro-North about $70 million last year.
"I think Connecticut has got to take the initiative to demand that," she said.
Since the Bridgeport derailment Metro-North said they are doing a top to bottom safety review.
The railroad isn't commenting specifically on the change in leadership although reports say he's being replaced by a South Florida transportation official.
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