Mice Uptick Scurry Up Trouble in Montville

Mice are wreaking havoc in Montville, where they are invading homes and damaging cars.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection believes the mild winter and the end of the drought are causing the mice population surge.

Michael Howard, of Monville Hardware, said he is selling more mouse traps than usual.

“People are coming in all day long looking either for deterrent or a trap,” Howard said.

Once you figure out where the mouse are coming from and nesting, you can set up traps or deterrents.

But the damage the mice bring to cars is a little more difficult to deal with.

“They’ll chew on the wires. You’ll have lights go out in the back of the car. You’ll have no start conditions,” said Paul Nelson, of Ed’s Country Sales.

Montville residents are doing whatever they can to rid their homes and cars of these mice.

“We don’t think to open the hood and check and see if mice are in there, but he’s right, they can end up anywhere,” said Barbara Harvey.

However hard they fight though, it might be a losing battle. DEEP said that as long as these ideal conditions last, so will the mice.

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