Middlesex Community College to Close Meriden Campus Amid Budget Cuts

Middlesex Community College plans to close its Meriden campus in light of the governor's budget cuts, according to a notice posted on the college website.

"It was the only way we could accommodate the projected budget gap for our FY2016," college President Anna Wasescha said in a statement. "In this fiscal environment the college cannot sustain an operation that represents a net resource drain."

Wasescha said about 250 students take classes exclusively at the Meriden Center and the Meriden Manufacturing Lab. School officials plan to work with those students to help them minimize travel to Middletown.

Students who are enrolled in the MxCC manufacturing program will have the opportunity to transfer to one of the state's four other community colleges with comparable programs.

"Despite budget difficulties facing all the Connecticut Colleges and Universities, MxCC is committed to sustaining its programs and offerings through careful spending and strategic fundraising initiatives in the communities it serves," the college posted on its website.

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