Middletown Celebrates Screen-Free Week With Arts and Crafts

With simple art and craft supplies and tons of creativity, kids had the chance to be entertained without a glowing screen nearby on Thursday.

Three-year-old Amirah and her mother Habiba Profit are taking part in Screen-Free Week, which runs through Sunday.

“It is working and she likes it. All these places are happening,” Profit said.

On Thursday, they stopped by the Middletown Community Center, just one of the places in the city this week offering electronic-free options.

“We’re providing opportunities for families to have fun together without technology,” Cathy Lechowicz, the director of Recreation & Community Services, said.

Lechowicz and her family are also putting away the devices this week.

“I have 12-year-old twins and a 5-year-old daughter. So screen free is not always easy, especially with the tweens. But we have been totally screen free this week and it has been phenomenal,” Lechowicz said.

Recently the World Health Organization advised parents to not allow children under 1 to have any screen time.

Those under 5 should watch, at most, one hour a day.

“We try not to watch too much TV,” Brittany Reynolds of Wethersfield, said.

And all those hours glued to a screen watching, browsing or posting don’t seem to be missed.

Many are discovering this time to unplug was in fact a chance to connect.

“I am getting more out of other things; having fun with my own child and more time with my child,” Profit said.

All week different organizations in the city have offered activities.

On Friday they will continue at the community center with family painting starting at 6 p.m.

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