Middletown Demonstrators Host Silent March To Honor Black Fathers and Community

A crowd of demonstrators marched through the streets of downtown Middletown to support Black fathers and the Black community on Sunday.

The silent and peaceful march comes nearly four weeks after the death of George Floyd by an officer in Minneapolis.

The march was an outcry to bring awareness to the critical role that Black fathers and role models play in the lives of young Black and brown boys.

Unity was the focal point of the silent march with both Black and white demonstrators walking side by side.

Henry Duncan is the President of True Urban Reform, a mentor organization designed to help young teens during their time in school.

"This is more of an awakening for everyone to come together and fight for what's right," said Duncan. "I think we have to put a message out there that it's up to the people to unite together in order to bring about change."

Organizers and marchers believe voting is one way to change the policies in place for the betterment of the community.

"You have to get involved find out what's going on with council members and what's happening in your schools," said Duncan. "As long as we have the wrong people in office we're always going to have situations where guys like George Floyd are murdered."

Eric Byrd along with his father decided to put on their Sunday best and spend the first part of their day together marching for justice.

"It's a very special day for me to be able to come out and support the community along with my father," said Eric Byrd. "This shows that we have come along way to stay together," said Craig Byrd.

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