Middletown Educators Offer Students Support with ‘Porch Visits'

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Middletown educators are working to ensure students have what they need whether they're learning in person or at home.

The continued effort comes after a recent report released by the Connecticut Rise Network. The study showed more than 46% of remote learners were off track to move to the next grade level and graduate on time.

The staff at Middletown High School are working to reach students with "Porch Visits." These weekly reunions are a way in which teachers, counselors and administrators are able to improve engagement among students.

"We're really trying to connect with students beyond Zoom and getting that real person-to-person interaction," said Lindsay Lowell, a social studies teacher at Middletown High School. "When students are able to see us, they're able to get a little bit of that emotional support that they need to keep their head in the game."

De'Mia Rose-Daniels receiving some gifts from a guidance counselor from Middletown High School. The high school staff offer these 'porch visits' every week to support students.

Even before Connecticut Rise Network released their report, the staff at Middletown High School were already making their rounds to meet students and families from a safe distance.

"We are making sure that we are knocking on doors to show families who we are and show them we care," said Raymond Byron, the assistant principal at Middletown High School. "We want to show students it's not just about education or the curriculum, it's about the relationships especially during this time."

The Rose-Daniels family has gotten use to these weekly reunions with their Middletown High School family.

"I like seeing my teachers," said De'Mia Rose-Daniels, a freshman at Middletown High School. "I like seeing my teachers."

The kind greetings also means a lot to Da-Mia's Mom.

"It brings some encouragement and I think it makes her hopeful and I think it reminds her that she is still much appreciated and valued as a student," said Delita Rose-Daniels. "It just feels good to see people take time out of their day who pit in so much work every day."

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