Middletown High School Celebrates All Seniors on Signing Day

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Middletown High School seniors are being celebrated as they prepare for the next chapter of their story. They are taking part in a national signing day but it’s a little bit different from signing days of the past.

"A long time ago, signing day used to just be for those D1 athletes, mostly the guys, and all of our students work so hard and they need to be recognized," Bobbi-Jo Wathen, a counselor at Middletown High School, said.

What Wathen described is exactly what Middletown High is doing.

In a ceremony Friday on the football field all students’ postsecondary plans were recognized - whether they plan to attend a four-year or two-year college, trade school, military or go straight to the workforce, each senior walked across the field and was recognized for their success.

"I’m just feeling great," Kobe Brown, a senior at the high school, said. "This is a great opportunity ‘cause time is flying so fast. I was just a freshman and now I’m a senior having this great moment." 

Like Brown, who will be attending school for film, Seshaak Sekar another senior, will be attending a four-year institution for business.

"I think it’s definitely a good feeling not many people are used to being celebrated like that,"  Sekar said. "Many people aren’t credited for what they’re doing in their life so it’s definitely a good feeling to be credited for what I’m going to do in my life."

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