Middletown School District Names New Superintendent

Middletown Public Schools

The Middletown school district announced that the acting superintendent will continue on without the temporary title.

The Board of Education approved Dr. Alberto Vazquez Matos to the position. He's the first bilingual and biliterate Latino superintendent for the district.

Vazquez Matos has been acting superintendent since October, when Michael Conner took a leave of absence. He resigned in March.

"In the nearly eight months that Dr. Vazquez Matos has been the Acting Superintendent, he has proven himself to be a leader that is able to bring about necessary organizational changes, all the while building relationships, restoring trust, and renewing the district’s commitment and focus on student learning,
growth, and well-being," a school district spokesperson said.

The Board voted unanimously, with a vote of 9 to 0, to name Vazquez Matos superintendent of schools. He started with the school district in July 2021 as the chief academic officer.

School officials said Vazquez Matos holds a doctorate of education degree and a doctorate of philosophy, along with having 25 years of teaching and 22 years of educational administrative experience.

“The Board has been impressed with Dr. Vazquez Matos’ clear and consistent communication, his ability to form relationships with a variety of stakeholders across the district and community, and move the work of the district forward, even in a time of great uncertainty. We know that Dr. Vázquez Matos will bring about necessary healing and growth to our district," Board Chair Deborah Cain said in a statement.

A couple of weeks ago, the Board of Ed said a months-long investigation into claims of harassment among Central Office administrators showed that misconduct "more likely than not" occurred.

A full-scale investigation was initiated by the Board of Education in November 2021. Shipman & Goodwin, LLP conducted the investigation, which ultimately found multiple administrators appeared to have engaged in inappropriate conduct.

To see the full report, click the link below.

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