Middletown Voters Pick Giuliano For Third Term

Incumbent Mayor Wins by 500 Votes

Middletown voters went to the polls and when the numbers came in, they picked Mayor Sebastian Giuliano for another term.

Democratic mayoral candidate Dan Drew walked over to the Middletown Republican headquarters to offer his congratulations to Mayor Sebastian Giuliano. 

“When I started this campaign, I was a complete unknown, so I’m really proud how far we’ve come.  Obviously I would have hoped for a different result, but I just want to congratulate Mayor Giuliano in his victory, and I’ll stay involved because it’s important we keep working on behalf of the community,” said Drew.

Incumbent Mayor Giuliano was the winner in this election by about 500 votes.  He was opposed by Drew and unaffiliated candidate Ruthanne “Rae” Johnson, who drew in just under a hundred votes.  But now that the election is behind him, Giuliano says it’s time to get back to work, focusing not on party affiliations, but what’s best for Middletown.

“We’re facing some serious challenges, and the time has come to face those challenges squarely, honestly and make the right decisions as to how we will overcome them,” said Giuliano.

This will be Giuliano's third term as Middletown's Mayor.

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