Milford Man Reaches His Boiling Point Over His HVAC System

NBC Connecticut Responds helped a Milford man get a refund on his defective HVAC system after he says multiple people tried to service it nearly two dozen times.

Chris Yamamoto of Milford spent $17,000 on a Carrier mini-split state-of-the-art HVAC system for his Milford home. According to his receipt, Yamamoto he had the unit installed on October 31, 2016.

“The reliability was a big thing for me,” said Yamamoto.

But Yamamoto said since day one the system wasn’t maintaining the proper temperature during winter or summer, calling it a defective unit. He said this happened even when he followed the manual’s instructions.

“Maybe, there was a setting that was wrong with it or something like that,” said Yamamoto.

The service warranty for his unit stated that he had one year of free maintenance and a three-year labor warranty with active maintenance agreement.

Yamamoto said he called his contractor and eventually Carrier to check the system, and documented every visit.

“They came out here and couldn’t really get anything working,” said Yamamoto.

Fast forward to 2017, Yamamoto said Carrier made more trips to his home.

“We ended up finding that the vent would constantly stay on for some reason. So, now we have a 10 degree overset temperature. You set it to 70 it would be at 80,” said Yamamoto.

Yamamoto explained how Carrier still couldn’t fix the problem.

“We had about seven people here in the house. They did one fix, they changed the setting in three of the four units and after about two hours later, after they left, it was very evident that it still wasn’t working,” said Yamamoto.

In January of 2018, Yamamoto said that the company suggested another replacement unit.

“It was all re-installed and really not much of a difference at all,” said Yamamoto.

Yamamoto confirmed that Carrier came out two more times to recharge the refrigerant and change some settings on the replacement. At this point, Chris just wanted the unit to work.

After reaching his boiling point with Carrier and it’s HVAC product, he reached out to NBC Connecticut Responds. A company spokesperson told us in a statement that:

“Carrier and Mr. Yamamoto have reached a confidential, amicable resolution on the matter.”

That agreement between Carrier and Yamamoto resulted in the company removing his unit and refunding the $17,000 he paid for the unit.

“Having NBC Connecticut actually reach out to Carrier corporate, obviously, to help me out in this whole situation has been great,” said Yamamoto. “I’m definitely relieved.”

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