Milford Residents Concerned Over Plans for Marijuana Dispensary

A vote by the Planning & Zoning Board in Milford on Tuesday night brought the opening of the city's first medical marijuana dispensary one step closer to reality. Some concerned residents vowed to continue their fight against such businesses and said they will push for stronger regulations in the future.

The board approved a site plan application for a medical marijuana dispensary named Arrow Alternative II, which is planned to open at 255 West River Street. With the approval, the owner of the proposed dispensary can apply and obtain a zoning permit to "fit-out" the interior of the building and eventually open the dispensary.

“Someplace, somewhere, somebody dropped the ball and we’re paying the price," said Gail Haas a Milford resident.

Dozens of residents at Tuesday's Planning & Zoning meeting were hoping that the board would not approve a site plan for the new medical marijuana dispensary.

“It’s not just a case of not wanting it in my backyard," said Hass, who lives four doors down from the proposed business location. "It shouldn’t be in anybody’s backyard," she said.

The attorney representing the future dispensary owner said that the board's vote is a big step toward the grand opening.

“I know he’s anxious and eager to open for his patients," said Danielle Bercury, attorney for Angelo DeFazio. “We believe that was what was required under the law," she said.
Some residents were grappling with the board's vote.

“There’s commercial area that are nowhere near residences and that’s where it should be put," said Robert Fiore of Milford.

Mr. DeFazio already owns a similar business in Hartford. His attorney said DeFazio will now apply for and obtain a zoning permit to prepare to open the doors of the dispensary in Milford.

“We’re just going to have to hope for the best and hope that our worst fears don’t come true," said Haas.

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