Military Couple Weds in Special Ceremony at Torrington City Hall

Nick and Hailey Simonin got married on Tuesday, not in a church but in a place just as sacred to the groom - the Veterans Memorial Wall at Torrington City Hall.

"I figured this just suited me best knowing that I am in the military and it's a pretty special wall itself," said Nick, who is in the United States Air Force.

Nick proposed on Oct. 7 and left for Basic Training on Oct. 11. He returned home less than two weeks ago. On January 2, Nick returns to Mississippi for 6 months.

"It is a time crunch, but I'm happy we're getting to pull it off right now," explained Nick.

As for the future, Hailey hopes to be a nurse, Nick a mechanical engineer.

And after Mississippi, Hailey and the couple's 10-month old son Bentley will be joining Nick for a two year stint in Alaska.

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