Milk and Eggs on the Fly, Maybe Voting Too

Did you remembered the milk? Check.

The eggs? Check.

The permission slip for school? Check.

How about registering to vote? You might still be in luck, depending on how Connecticut lawmakers go on a bill they are contemplating.

Connecticut lawmakers are taking a closer look at same-day voter registration (also called H.B. No. 6435). The bill is designed to "promote voter participation by permitting individuals to register and vote on the day of a regular election."  

The proposal means you wouldn't have to worry about any deadlines or registering at least a month in advance. 

Right now, Connecticut offers provisional ballots and during the November election between 35,000 and 40,000 people cast their vote this way. 

If the state does adopt Election Day registration, it will follow a process similar to that of presidential balloting, where voters are asked to vote in a central location within their district.

Now, if you could just remember what day Election Day is.

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