Minor Accused of Reposting Threat About Bristol School on Social Media

City of Bristol police cruiser
NBC Connecticut

Police have arrested a minor who is accused of reposting a threatening post about a Bristol school on social media over the weekend.

On Sunday, officers said they received information about a social media post depicting a safety concern to a local high school.

Investigators said a minor posted a picture of an unknown person in possession of weapons with the quote, "Bristol Central Next."

According to police, the minor who posted the picture on social media was identified and it was determined that he or she reposted an image that was circulating on social media of an unknown person. Authorities believe the unidentified person in the photograph has no ties to Bristol.

Police said the juvenile recklessly created alarm for the community and was arrested for breach of peace.

At this time, investigators said there is no credible threat to Bristol schools.

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