Miss USA Returns to Hometown of Portland

It's been a month since Erin Brady received the title of Miss America, and today, Portland welcomed her home.

Erin Brady left Portland High School eight years ago as an honors student and returned to visit with summer campers at her old stomping grounds.

"Honestly, I was really nervous only because it's been so long, and you're coming back as a different person, kind of," Brady said. "But it's great to have people that have known me beforehand that are supporting me."

Some of Brady's former teachers stopped by with her senior picture to let her know just how proud they all are.

"Erin was always special, and she's always been the charming person you see," said Brady's former teacher, Stu Noelte.

"Erin has a chance to be a pillar, one of the foundations for so many people in this country, and she's going to be an inspiration," said another teacher, Dan Record.

Portland's First Selectwoman declared Tuesday, July 23, to be Erin Brady Day. It's a big honor for Erin, but also a great one for her town.

"That means a whole lot to us to know that she was educated and brought up here in Portland, and we're just thrilled to have her and so proud of her," said First Selectwoman Susan Bransfield.

Brady spent time handing out sweet treats to the campers and reminded them to follow their dreams.

"You can do it all. You can be whoever you want to be and make it to the top," said Brady.

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