5-Foot-Tall Lobster Returned to Southington Shop

When people pass by Gulf Shrimp in Southington, they stop. It’s hard to resist taking a photo with the 5-and-a-half foot tall lobster statue that stands out front.

But no one was taking photos with the massive crustacean for four months. Someone lobsternapped it, but the lobster is back.

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A customer happened to spot the lobster at a flea market in Massachusetts, according to Tom Jones, of Gulf Shrimp.

In May, a customer noticed that the lobster that has stood outside 240 Atwater St. in the Plantsville section of Southington for the last eight years was missing and told an employee.

The worker assumed that Camille Simoneaux, the co-owner of Gulf Shrimp, had taken it home to paint it, as she has in the past, Simoneaux said.

But, that was not the case.

Simoneaux said they realized over the weekend that the 150-pound fiberglass lobster was missing and called police to report the theft.

“It was a little comical to report a missing lobster. I was waiting for the chuckle on the other end. They took it seriously and knew exactly what I was talking about because so many people have seen it and noticed it when they drive by,” Simoneaux said.

The cost of the statue is estimated at around $2,000.

More importantly, the lobster is a landmark in the community and the owners made public pleas to get it back.

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