Missing Baby Found Unharmed


Sighs of relief on Sunday morning in New Haven after a missing baby turns up safe and sound.

Police issued an Amber Alert a little after 8AM for one-year-old Izaial Gonzalez.

The child’s mother told police she saw someone jump into her white Hyundai Sonata around 6:30 in the morning. Moments after she walked into Forbes Premium Gas Station at 401 Forbes Avenue. The one-year-old was in the car.

The boy’s mother is seven months pregnant still she told police she ran out of the store and jumped on the hood of the car to stop it, she was unsuccessful.

An hour after issuing the alert police found the car with the unharmed baby inside. It was one block over on Ashland Place. Officers are still searching for the driver and have brought K-9 units to the scene to collect evidence.

The boy’s mother meanwhile was taken to St. Raphael’s Hospital for minor injuries. The boy is being brought to her via ambulance.

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