Missing One-Eyed Dog’s Happy Family Reunion

one eyed dog

The Maldonados’ family dog Maggie is more than just a pet to them. She’s a part of the family.

Maggie’s owners had quite a scare on Tuesday afternoon when the one-eyed Japanese Chin went missing.

She was tethered to a fireworks tent that they own, until her collar broke. When they went to give her food, they couldn’t find her.

Maize Maldonado, 12, wanted to know who would’ve taken her.

“I was like, who would do this? I was crying and everything,” the Waterford girl said.

The Maldonado family got the word out quickly about Maggie’s disappearance and they would later learn that witnesses saw a woman coaxing the dog into a car.

“I told my mom, why didn’t you just tell the police it was your kid?” Maize said.

When her mom told her that would be a false statement she replied, “She’s like a kid to us.”

The woman who picked up Maggie soon saw the story about her disappearance in The Day of New London. She called police and brought the dog to animal control the next morning. She told police she had picked up the dog out of concern and even had given her a bath.

When asked how she felt about Maggie’s return, Maize said, “Really happy…I told my mom, ‘I want her back I want her back, I don’t want her to come back in a week or two, I wanted her back soon’ … She’s like my twin sister but in dog form.”

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