Mom, Kids in Minivan Shot At On I-95

As Alda Costa drove along I-95 from Boston to visit her in-laws in Fairfield with five kids in the car Tuesday, she never expected her minivan's window to explode.

But that's what happened between exits 60 and 59 as she drove through Guilford. She heard a loud bang and the glass shattered, spraying her and her kids.  "The next thing I knew, there was this huge pop, and I looked to the side and there was shattered glass in the passenger seat," Costa said. 

Her kids now crying, Costa quickly pulled over to make sure her children were alright, and that's when she realized someone had shot at her vehicle with a BB gun.  "I just yelled at the kids 'check your bodies and make sure you're ok, make sure you're not cut', that was my primary concern," Costa said.

There were four holes in the front windshield and the frame of the car had also been hit. Costa and her kids were not hurt.  "Had it blown out my windshield, I don't know what could have happened.  I don't want to go down the 'what if?' road, because it's scary enough to think about that".

State Police are investigating the incident.

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