Mom of Missing Boater Still Hopeful to Find Daughter

It’s been 10 months since Sofia McKenna disappeared after boating off the coast of Groton last Memorial Day weekend and she still hasn’t been found.

Now as the weather is getting warmer, McKenna’s mom is pleading for people to keep their eyes out for her daughter.

“I’m just not going to stop looking for her. I hope that we find her, bring her home,” Michelle McKenna said about her daughter.

The then 21-year-old and her friend Spencer Mugford were last seen off the coast of Avery Point in Groton on Snapchat around 2 a.m. on Sunday, May 27, 2018. They were near New London Ledge Lighthouse, according to Connecticut State Police.

McKenna said she also had seven missed calls from Sofia, made from Spencer’s phone, around that time.

“She didn’t leave a message. She didn’t try to call 911. It haunts me. It haunts me every day.” McKenna said.

Mugford’s body was found on June 8 near Avery Point.

State Police posted on Facebook this week asking for help finding McKenna.

“That’s the hardest – not having closure. Not knowing where she really is.” McKenna said.

As the weather warms up and more people get out on to the water, Lt. Alaina Fagan, public affairs officer for the Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound, warns them to take a personal flotation device, especially since the water can be deceptively cold.

“When you have cold water temperatures, that really decreases you functional and survival time in the water,” Fagan said.

It’s also hard to put a life jacket on when in the water, Fagan added.

“That’s the one thing Sofia and Spencer didn’t do – wear their life vests,” McKenna said, heeding the same warning.

She’s also praying for someone to find her daughter.

“I’m not going to give up hope and my prayers are that no one else does either,” McKenna said.

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