Moose on the Loose in Cheshire

Department of Environment and Energy Protection (DEEP) officials are warning drivers to be extra vigilant on the roads after reports of moose sightings near Interstate 84 in Cheshire the past few days.

One moose sighting off Route 70 was reported to DEEP around noon on Sunday.

Environmental conservation and local police monitored the area. The moose was last seen near Nathan Hale Court over the weekend.

The dark coloring of moose makes them hard for drivers to see and moose crashes often result in the animal going through the windshield due to the tall height, DEEP officials said.

Moose and deer collisions can be reported to DEEP environmental conservation police at 860-424-3333 and moose sitings can be reported online.

Connecticut has a moose population of about 100 to 150 and they are most common in the northeastern and northwestern parts of the state. It's not uncommon to see a moose in Cheshire, a spokesperson for DEEP said.

DEEP also reminds motorists to be vigilant while driving and to keep an eye out for wildlife like moose.

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