Moose on the Loose No More

For 16 hours or so, a moose gave cops in New Britain  a run for their money.  

The moose hunt, so to speak, started Wednesday morning when she was spotted near Washington Park around 5:45 a.m. We say she because the Department of Environmental Protection thinks it is a female moose. And she's big -- between 500 and 800 pounds.

A group of girls saw the moose, believed to be 800 pounds, on their way to the bus stop Wednesday.

"I was shocked, I thought there were no moose around here that would get loose," said Sara Carrasco, a student in New Britain.

“It's smarter than us I guess. It knows the city better than we do,” New Britain resident Dave Brendergast told NBC Connecticut.

The moose even eluded the state DEP.

“We did spot it in a big section of woods near Osborn and Corbin streets in New Britain. I guess there's a 100-acre wooded area there. But we were unable to get an opportunity to tranquilize the moose,” Dennis Schain of the DEP said.

That changed Thursday afternoon.

Members from the Department of Environmental Protection headed into a wooded area Thursday off Corbin and Osgood Avenues Thursday and ended the moose's city journey with a tranquilizer.

Moose can travel up to 20 miles a day, DEP experts said. So they called off the search late Wednesday and resumed again Thursday.

The DEP plans is bringing her to a more remote area in the Northwest Hills.

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