Moose Spotted Miles from I-84 in West Hartford Neighborhood

A moose made it quite a morning for some residents of West Hartford's Peaslee Hill neighborhood who woke up to see a moose in their backyards Wednesday.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said the moose was within three miles of Interstate 84.

The NBC Connecticut crew in the area saw plenty of deer, but no moose.

Residents, however, said the animal ran off too quickly for them to take a photo but it left moose tracks behind in the backyard.

“Probably the most strange thing I’ve seen was a coyote once, but umm, a moose is a new thing for me,” Paul Lafreniere, of West Hartford, said.

The moose sighting was the talk of the neighborhood.

“I actually went to school in Vermont and I’ve never seen a moose. I wish I have,” said landscaper Nicholas Terry.

An Ironwood Landscaping crew who working in West Hartford now has even more motivation to work outside.

“Should be fun! I’ll keep an eye out for the moose,” Terry said.

“I have not personally seen a moose, but it sounds cool, though,” said Lafreniere.

If you see a moose, call DEEP’s wildlife division at 860-424-3011 or report it online here

Wildlife officials said that while moose are usually shy, if they feel threatened they can become aggressive, so under no circumstance should you approach one.

DEEP is warning drivers in the area and said moose are fast runners. They can be particularly dangerous in an automobile collision.

Learn more about moose here.

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