Moose Spotted Near I-84 in Farmington

A moose was spotted in the area Town Farm Road in Farmington, about 2.5 miles from Interstate 84, and state officials are urging drivers to use extra caution.

“Moose near roadways pose a particular danger because once struck, they are more likely to collapse through a vehicle windshield due to their tall stance,” a news release from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says. “They are also difficult to see when driving at night because of their dark color.”

The moose population in Connecticut is estimated at 100 to 150 animals, according to DEEP, and they are mostly found in the northeastern and northwestern wooded corners of Connecticut, but have been seen in most other parts of the state.

All collisions involving moose and deer should be reported to local, state or DEEP Environmental Conservation Police Officers. You can reach DEEP at 860-424-3333. 

Earlier this week, moose antlers were found in the area of the parking lot of the Homewood Suites in Wallingford.

A wildlife expert from DEEP believes the antler might not have come directly from a moose, but from someone who dumped the antler in Wallingford. 

Residents throughout the state are encouraged to report moose sightings on the DEEP Web site at

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