More Cold Means More Snow at Woodbury Ski Area

With school in session and temperatures plummeting, it was a quiet afternoon at Woodbury Ski Area – but workers were very much in business making ice-free snow.

“You've got to love it; you can't beat it,” said the manager, Scott D’Amato. “Everything's freezing, no runoff, and the colder it is, it piles up faster.”

Although D'Amato's enthusiam was evident, he admitted the bitter cold keeps people away. Regardless, the cold snap could last long enough to coat the slopes with a base ready for the weekends.

“The colder it is, the more you can make. Get it going; this is it! It's great!” he said, gesturing toward a mound of snow produced Tuesday night.

Had temperatures been in the 20s, the pile would have been just 25 percent of what it is, D'Amato said, and it’s still growing.

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