More Families Are Needing Diapers for Their Kids Amid the Pandemic

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There has been a large increase in the number of families who need diapers for their children, according to Janet Alfano, the executive director for The Diaper Bank of Connecticut.

The non-profit organization works with more than 60 partners around the state to distribute diapers to thousands of families in need.

Alfano said the pandemic hit low-income families very hard with many parents initially losing their jobs. Even though we are 19 months in, the economy is starting to rebound, the pandemic fatigue is setting in and the calls for help are still coming in.

“This is still an urgent problem for so many families and our desire for this to be over...Make sure we don’t overlook the families that are really still struggling to meet basic needs for their families with young children,” said Alfano.

Prior to the pandemic, there were roughly 50,000 children aged 0-3 who could use the diaper bank’s services and that need has only grown, according to Alfano.

According to a 2020 report from the National Diaper Bank Network, one in three families is having trouble getting diapers. The pandemic, along with disruptions in the global supply chain are likely to blame. That is causing some companies to increase prices and Alfano said it can be a real hardship for families.

If a family is running low on diapers it could lead to less diaper changes and ultimately a diaper rash.

“If left untreated or the conditions that cause it don’t improve, that can really be a significant health impact for a baby. It can also cause economic hardship for a family, that’s diaper rash cream, a prescription from a doctor, time off of work to take your child to the pediatrician,” said Alfano.

The Diaper Bank of Connecticut is always accepting donations of diapers or the executive director said monetary donations can go further because they can buy in bulk.

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