More “Green” Needed for St. Paddy's Parade

The economy has hit New Haven's annual St. Patrick's Day parade.  The city says it can't afford to pay the overtime for police officers assigned to the parade route and has passed the bill along to parade organizers.

The parade is going to cost another $30,000 dollars this year.  The grand marshall and chairman are determined to raise the money through fundraising.

"We raise money through different things like corn beef dinners, bowl-a-thons," says Brian Enright, this year's grand marshall.

It's considered the biggest St. Patricks Day Parade between New York City and Boston, costing about  $80,000 dollars last year.

"We understand its tough for everyong and we were shocked," says Jim McGovern, this year's parade chairman.

New Haven city officials  told organizers it had to cut the expense out of it's budget to save money.

The parade group has been able to raise most of the money through corporate sponsors and donations.

"The community has stepped up and we're doing pretty well. We got alot more donations. We're not quite there yet but the parade is absolutely going to happen."

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