More Memorial Plaques Stolen

Plaques from a World War II Memorial and a Vietnam War Memorial are missing in Ansonia.

Three days after bronze plaques dedicated to a war hero from Derby were stolen, memorial plaques are missing from an Ansonia intersection.

Police believe someone is stealing plaques honoring those who fought for this country to sell them for scrap metal.

Two of the seven memorial plaques that were installed at Woodbridge Avenue and Viselli Court are missing, police said, and police believe the thefts are connected to the thefts in Derby, and possible to similar thefts in Shelton.

One of the Ansonia memorials is a World War II Memorial plaque and the other is a Vietnam War Memorial plaque. They are made of copper and brass and engraved with names of past war heroes.

The value has not been determined, but police believed they were stolen to sell to a metal scrap yard.
Police do not know exactly when the plaques were stolen.

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