Winter Storm Watch Issued for Entire State

After a weekend full of snow and cold, there's potential for another storm by tonight.  Winter Storm Warnings have already been posted for the whole state.

I'm looking for snow to develop by midnight on tonight into Tomorrow and last for about 12-14 hours.

Latest estimates point toward a storm total of about 10-16 inches of snow with higher amounts possible if many factors fall into place. I would be surprised to see a few towns get close to 20" of snow by tomorrow afternoon.

The storm is moving up from the south, but merging with a storm in the Ohio Valley.

The track of the storm looks classic for producing a major winter storm across the state. Unlike some of the storms earlier this season (and all last year!), there is better agreement in our forecast guidance. This increases our confidence in the potential for a significant storm that will close schools and create dangerous travel conditions during the day on Wednesday.

Keep up on the forecast here.

When the storm comes, we want your snow photos. Please e-mail them to us by clicking here. The ideal size is 640 pixels by 480 pixels, but that is not mandatory. 

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